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the worlds most powerful science backed ingredient

Beta - Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Ketones

Double Blind Placebo Studied

Why BHB?

What BHB clinically delivers

Promotes Ketosis Quickly

Discover the Clean Energy of Ketones

goBHB® is a patent protected ketone body, called betahydroxybutyrate (BHB), a breakthrough energy supplement from Ketone Labs. Our ketones are bio-identical to the ketones produced endogenously when someone eats a low-carb diet, the body releases fat and the liver converts fats into ketones, as an alternative, high energy source for the brain, heart, and muscles.


Best BHB applications

What is a ketone

BHB (Ketones) are the body’s―especially the brain’s―preferred fuel source and they have been clinically proven.

  • Improve brain function, brain speed, mental clarity and overall cognitive health
  • Produce superior natural energy, 225% more than glucose/sugar
  • Lower normal anxiety
  • Reduces the production of dangerous ROS (reactive oxygen species)
  • Lowers systemic inflammation
  • Supports healthy immune functionality
  • Lowers normal insulin levels
  • Lowers normal total cholesterol levels
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Improves mental focus and concentration
  • Improves workout mood
  • Provides a powerful dual fuel for sustained performance
  • Provides instant pre-workout natural energy
  • Reduce workout recovery time
  • Reduces lactic acid production
  • Provides essential electrolytes for hydration

Did you know?

When you were being developed in your mother’s womb, BHB (Ketones) were the energy that helped grow your brain, your heart and all your body’s major organs.

We own 27 issued patents. Products containing BHB (Ketones) must go through us for approval.

We invest in

Clinical studies to prove our formulas work

Clinically Proven to cause Weight loss and Fat loss

The result was our BHB Ketones group lost 106% more weight and 159% more fat than the Placebo group.

41% of U.S. adults characterize themselves as overweight, up 5% from just 5 years ago
55% of U.S. adults have expressed a desire to lose weight
Blood sugar stabilizes
Insulin levels lower and insulin resistance is improved
The gut and immune system get a chance to rest

A proven ingredient for reducing normal stress and anxiety

The result was our BHB Ketones reduced their normal stress and anxiety by and average of 39%!

About 33 % of adults in the USA (85 million people) report a feeling of extreme stress.
77% of adults in the USA experience stress that affects their physical health
73% of adults in the USA have stress that impacts their mental health
48% of adults in the USA have trouble sleeping due to stress related issues

A proven ingredient that enhances brain function

The result was our special formulation Improved their brain reaction time by 9.9%.

A UCLA study showed smarter people have brain reaction times
About 40% of people in the USA, aged 65 or older, (16 million) have age associated memory and thinking skills impairment
Millennials are already concerned with brain issues. ​By 2022, millennials will account for 21.8% of the US population
30% of Baby Boomers (69.6 million) are concerned with brain health, second only to their worries about cancer